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Alta-Pak Flowable Loose Fill

Packaging Material by Alta-Pak Midwest, Inc.

Manufactured in Kansas City.
Sold in standard 14 cubic foot Poly Bags and bulk truck loads.
Biodegradable Available.

Made of 100% virgin styrene material*Excellent cell structure/stronger individual parts
White*Aesthetically appealing
Clean/dustlessNo dirt or dust on product shipped
Consistent size/shape*Better flowablility/aesthetics
Resilient*Better cushioning
Interlocking*Reduces damage
Flows freely*Saves labor time (money)
LightweightReduces shipping costs
Static treated*Reduces static cling
Non-abrasive*Won't damage product shipped
Reduced burning characteristics*Safer to store
Non-hygroscopicWill not absorb or transfer moisture
Corrosion-resistantWill not tarnish vulnerable products
OdorlessNon offensive
Non-toxicSafer to use
Resistant to fungus/bacteriaDoes not present health hazard
Non-edible by rodentsDoes not attract same
Re-usableSaves on material costs
VersatileDoes not require custom packs
Readily availableNo long lead-time required
Meets Federal Spec. PPP-C-1683*High quality assurance

*Not all loose fill competitors comply or meet.

Air Bubbler Roll - Alta-Pak Midwest, Inc.

Air Bubble Rolls

All master rolls are 48″ wide
No additional charge for slitting
Add 5% for perforations of 12″ thru 72″
Add 10% for perforations of 6″ thru 11″
F.O.B. Kansas City, MO
Add 15% for Anti-State Material

In StockProductThicknessSq. Ft.Length
Small Bubble3/16"-PC2203/16"3000750 ft.
Large Bubble1/2"-PD2301/2"1000250 ft.

Air Bubble Rolls – Partial Rolls

We also sell sections.

ProductThicknessMaster RollSections
3/16"-PC2203/16"48"24", 12"
1/2"-PD2301/2"48"24", 12"

Alta-Pak Midwest, Inc. - Foam Packaging

Foam Packaging – Polyethylene

Custom Slitting
Sheeting and Perforating
Various Thicknesses and Densities
Adhesive Coated
Cohesive Coated

MP-1321/32"2000 FT
MP-1161/16"1250 FT
MP-3323/32"750 FT
MP-0181/8"550 FT
MP-3163/16"350 FT
MP-0141/4"250 FT

All bundles are 72″ wide
No charge for slitting
F.O.B. Kansas City, Missouri
Perforated Available – Special Order

Loose Fill Dispensers

Gravity Feed Flowable Dunnage Dispensers
Special sizes and/or shapes designed to your specific needs

ModelCapacityDimensionsM.C.H.P/N# of 14ft. bags held
#01515 cu.ft.40" x 40" x 36"7'6"98002-00001
#03040 cu.ft.40" x 40" x 69"10'3"98003-00002
#04545 cu.ft.40" x 40" x 84"11'6"98004-00003
#06060 cu.ft.40" x 40" x 99"12'9"98005-00004
#07575 cu.ft.40" x 40" x 114"14'0"98006-00005
#09090 cu.ft.40" x 40" x 114"14'0"98007-00006
#140140 cu.ft.40" x 40" x 114"14'0"98008-000010

Air Pouch Machines Available

We stock 8 x 4 pouches and 8 x 6 pouches
Biodegradable and Recycled Film available

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