Standard and Custom Wholesale Boxes

Because the Best Packages Come in All Sizes

When it comes to boxes, one size doesn’t fit all. The right box may not seem like much at first glance, but it can make all the difference for what’s inside, keeping contents secure and reducing excess packaging waste.

A wide range of moving and shipping boxes are in stock at our Kansas City facility in every shape and size you could ever need, from as small as 4” x 4” x 4” to as large as 36” x 21” x 20”. In addition to standard boxes, we carry over-run and misprinted boxes at discounted rates.

How Moving and Shipping Boxes Are Measured

A box’s listed dimensions are calculated by measuring inside length, width, and height. The longest side of the box with a flap determines length, while the shortest side with a flap dictates width. Height, which doesn’t feature a flap, is figured by measuring the box from top to bottom. Please note +/- 1/8” is considered an acceptable manufacturing variance.
Corrugated Box Measurement
Custom boxes

Need Something Else?

Your needs may go beyond our inventory, and that’s OK! We’ll help you create a custom solution. Our shipping boxes can be tailored to your dimensions and branding for a truly one-of-a-kind package.

For customizations, you’ll also purchase a print plate and cutting die — a one-time fee at no-markup cost. These tools can be used repeatedly on your future custom orders.

Unbox Savings with a Bulk Order

If you ask us, you can never have too many corrugated boxes. Plus, ordering larger quantities comes with sweet perks. You can save money now and be stocked up for later with our special bulk pricing. Contact our team for a quote today!

Moving and Shipping Boxes for Pickup or Delivery

We’re always happy to see our customers’ smiling faces! Visit our warehouse in Kansas City between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday to pick up in-stock wholesale boxes.

If delivery is more convenient, we’re available by phone until 5 p.m. We guarantee next-day delivery and may be able to get your order to you same-day in some cases.

Tape Products

Get the Total Package

You can have the strongest box in the world, but it’s nothing without quality tape that keeps a good seal. We offer a full line of tape products that provide quick, clean, and worry-free holds for packages of all shapes and sizes.

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