Strapping Supplies for Shipping and Storing

The Best Packing Straps and Accessories to Bundle and Secure Shipments

Strapping is one of the most common methods for unitizing and bundling items in the packaging industry. Applied in horizontal or vertical bands, it’s tightened around a variety of shipments for added reinforcement and security. Whether you’re palletizing large industrial products, construction materials, or cases of ecommerce merchandise, packing straps are crucial to keep items contained and safe while being transported or stored.

Alta-Pak stocks both steel and poly strapping, along with all the necessary strapping accessories, so you have the proper materials and tools to combine and stabilize shipments of all shapes, sizes, and weights.

Get the Best Packing Straps in Bulk — and Save

When you’re regularly securing a lot of large shipments, a roll of steel or poly strapping doesn’t last long. Our shipping straps for boxes can be ordered in bulk at a special rate, so you can stock up and save at the same time — a win-win. Contact our team for more information and a quote.

Strapping for Pickup or Delivery

Our shipping supplies are available for pickup at our Kansas City warehouse or next-day delivery to your door. We believe getting the products you need shouldn’t be stressful and are dedicated to getting your order to you in not only a timely manner, but in a way that’s convenient.

Visit us between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, or reach us by phone until 5 p.m.

Stretch Wrap

Get the Total Package

Don’t miss out on our stretch wrap and stretch tape offerings for another bundling solution. As the name implies, stretch wrap is stretched around palletized items to bind them tightly together for a secure, no-movement hold while in transit. In cases of oversized loads with sharp edges, strapping and stretch film may even be used together.

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