An Overview of Alta-Pak’s Packing Tape Products

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Looking for the Best Tape for Moving, Shipping, or Storage? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Tape is one of the most important aspects of any package, but unfortunately, among the most overlooked. Providing essential safety and security, tape products are designed to keep boxes and other containers sealed during shipping, moving, or storage. Too often, though, people opt for lower-quality tapes that lack durability and longevity.

Flimsy tapes make your packages more vulnerable to splitting, tearing, or even being tampered with while in transit. Premium packing tape products help you achieve an adequate level of hold without having to use more material than necessary.

At Alta-Pak, we’re committed to supplying you with superior products at fair prices. We stock thousands of supplies at our 30,000-square-foot facility in Kansas City and work directly with top brands to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. You can be confident that whatever materials you need, you’re getting the best products for the job.

Packing tape products are available in multiple styles and sizes to suit a variety of use cases. To help you understand which tapes are right for you, we’re highlighting each of our offerings and when they should be used.

Acrylic Packing Tape Products

Acrylic tape is a classic choice for its wide range of applications, making it one of the best tapes for moving, shipping, and storage. The material consists of two layers: a biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film and emulsion acrylic adhesive.

Acrylic tape is among the most shelf-stable. It’s unaffected by UV light and resistant to oxidation, meaning you don’t have to worry about the material yellowing with age or losing stickiness. Perhaps most notably, these packing tape products can withstand extreme temperature changes, whether it’s hot and humid or bitterly cold.

Because acrylic tape is clear, it’s also an ideal solution for taping down labels without hampering readability for handlers and receivers. It will even typically stick to dusty and dirty surfaces, which is particularly beneficial if you work in an industrial environment.

Hot Melt Packing Tape Products

The moving and shipping processes can put a considerable amount of stress on a package, and sometimes a standard tape product just doesn’t cut it. Hot melt is a stronger shipping tape than its acrylic counterpart, making it a better option for transporting especially bulky or heavy items. Although it doesn’t have the same expansive temperature range, its quick initial tack offers more holding power and tensile strength.

Hot melt tape products include a film layer, adhesive, and special release coat that makes them easier to unwind, which ultimately contributes to less wear and tear on your tape dispensers. Hot melt also features a quieter release, so you can keep workplace noise to a minimum.

Nylon Filament Packing Tape Products

Nylon filament shipping tape is reinforced with fiberglass strands that run lengthwise, providing next-level strength. Whether you’re bundling materials or sealing cartons, it’s among the best packing tapes for heavy-duty jobs.

Nylon filament’s fiberglass backbone serves as a good base for the bottom of overstuffed cartons, giving you peace of mind that your package won’t give way under pressure. These tape products are also extremely difficult to penetrate, so they’re less likely to accidentally rip or be tampered with.

Gum Packing Tape Products

Although you can’t control how your packages are handled in many cases, you do have a say over how they’re sealed. Gum tape is designed to take a beating and can withstand some of the roughest conditions. The product is also abrasion-resistant, meaning direct sunlight, heavy rain, and snow won’t interfere with the adhesive.

Additionally, gum tape can come in handy if you’re working with a lightweight box. The powerful bond offers extra reinforcement and structural support. Keep in mind that gum shipping tape is water-activated, so you’ll need a dispenser or wet sponge to activate it.

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For the best packing tape near you, you need look no further than Alta-Pak. Our extensive selection of shipping tapes ensures you achieve the perfect seal each and every time, so your contents stay where they’re supposed to be – inside the package.

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