Ready Your Shipping Operation for 2024 with Alta-Pak Packing Products

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Prepare for Shipping Success in the New Year with the Best Packing Products

A new year brings new opportunities to scale your shipping operation. As 2023 comes to a close, you’re likely evaluating your business plans and setting fresh goals for 2024. However, you won’t be able to hit your growth objectives if you don’t have the logistics figured out first.

By stocking up on packing products ahead of time, you’ll be primed to meet demand and can ensure customers receive items in a timely manner. Having the right materials on hand also reduces the risk of a package being damaged while in transit. There’s nothing one-size-fits-all about the shipping industry, meaning a variety of supplies isn’t just smart, it’s essential.

Alta-Pak provides Kansas City and the larger Midwest region with the best packing products at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for shipping materials and have thousands of products always in stock at our 30,000-square-foot facility, so we can get what you need when you need it.

To satisfy customers and keep them coming back, it’s imperative to work with a partner you can trust. At Alta-Pak, it’s our belief that we only succeed when you do too and are committed to always going the extra mile to help your business continue running smoothly.

Read on to learn how you can shop our shipping and moving supplies near you and prepare for a prosperous new year.

A Comprehensive Selection of Packing Products

Our more than four decades of experience has taught us how to satisfy a diverse range of customer needs. We have a robust selection of high-quality, affordable materials, making it easy for you to optimize your shipping methods without eating into your bottom line. Whether your operation is large or small, everyone benefits from our wholesale prices.

When you shop with Alta-Pak, you can also expect a superior customer experience. We’re dedicated to serving you, regardless of if you’re ordering just a few items or hundreds. Our team is only ever a call or message away and is always happy to make recommendations when you need help determining what packing products are right for your shipments.

Let’s take a closer look at our available shipping and moving supplies near you.

  • Protective packaging: Items need proper protection to ship safety. Packing products, like flowable loose fill, bubble wrap, foam, and air pouches provide necessary cushioning and shock absorption, ensuring your boxed or bagged contents make it to their destination fully intact. We also offer Nordic Ice® gel packs for shipping perishable goods without worry.
  • Boxes: Alta-Pak corrugated boxes, available in standard and custom sizes, are constructed from virgin materials and approved for shipping via UPS and other mail carriers. Additionally, our boxes are measured for 200 lb. test, 32 ECT, or 44 ECT, meaning you can look forward to overall stronger, more durable packages. For palletized loads, check out our selection of corrugated sheets.
  • Tape Products: Prevent packages from splitting, tearing, or being tampered with during the shipping process with Alta-Pak heavy-duty tape products. We offer acrylic, hot melt, nylon filament, and gum tapes so you can achieve a clean, strong seal every time. Our packing tape dispensers also help improve shipping efficiency, so you can get more shipments out the door in less time.
  • Mail and Ship Products: Not every item belongs in a box. Poly and bubble mailers are hassle-free, cost-effective solutions for shipping small, non-fragile products. To make sending documentation with your packages a breeze, we also offer packing list envelopes. These materials can not only hold packing lists, as their name implies, but also invoices, warranty information, operating instructions, and more.
  • Paper Products: Paper is one of the most versatile packing products and a must-have for both shipping and storage. Explore our options for kraft paper rolls, newsprint paper, single-faced corrugated rolls, chipboard sheets, mailing tubes, and edge protectors.
  • Bags: Open-ended and zippered poly bags from Alta-Pak are ideal for keeping large amounts of items – or tiny items – contained and organized inside a package. They also provide an extra layer of protection for unpackaged goods, putting yet another barrier between your contents and the outside elements.
  • Strapping: Strapping is among the best packing products for bundling and securing large shipments. We sell both steel and poly strapping, plus accessories like buckles and seals, so you can get the right solutions to properly stabilize shipments of all shapes, sizes, and weights.
  • Stretch Wrap: Secure palletized shipments with Alta-Pak stretch film, which wraps around boxes and other packages for a movement-free hold. Handheld stretch wrap dispensers are available as well, enhancing your productivity and ultimately saving you money on labor costs.
  • Janitorial Supplies: Your shipping operation can’t be successful without a clean facility. In addition to packing products, we stock a selection of quality janitorial supplies for your convenience, including floor sweep, trash liners, and hygienic paper products, like paper towels, facial tissue, and toilet tissue.

Put Yourself One Step Closer to Reaching Your 2024 Business Goals and Place an Order with Alta-Pak Today

Our team is ready to help your business thrive in the new year! Browse our inventory of shipping and moving supplies near you and place your order by calling, emailing, or visiting us at our Kansas City location.

In-stock orders are typically ready within one business day and can be picked up, delivered by a truck from our private fleet, or shipped anywhere in the United States. Keep in mind that if you opt for shipping, standard mailing times apply.

Looking for a large amount of packing products? We offer special bulk pricing, so you can get more for less. Reach out to our team to request a quote today.