Chipboard Sheets

Stiffen envelopes, divide box space, layer package contents, and more with our multipurpose chipboard sheets.

36” x 48”

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Chipboard is a type of paperboard material made from recycled wood waste and features a sturdy form that is resistant to bending, tears, and punctures. Because it’s thinner than corrugated cardboard, it also takes up less space in your warehouse. From strengthening packages to protecting and separating palletized products, chipboard has no shortage of use cases.

Chipboard’s versatility makes it a popular material outside the packing world, too, and is commonly used for arts and crafts and other DIY projects.

Alta-Pak chipboard sheets come in one size (36” x 48”), but can be custom cut to your specifications. 

Chipboard 36 x 48 0.96