Mailing Tubes

Boxes and bags don’t always work well for shipping large documents and long, thin objects. To ensure these contents are properly protected while in transit, you need Alta-Pak’s high-quality kraft mailing tubes

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Our 3” x 26” kraft mailing tubes are ideal for shipping oversized paper materials, like posters, artwork, blueprints, banners, and more. They also come in handy when sending lengthier items, such as fishing poles or baseball bats. 

A mailing tube’s rigid cylindrical construction keeps the package from breaking or bending under pressure, so contents arrive undamaged and crease-free. End caps (3”) snap into place to cover each opening and provide further protection for your shipment as it travels from your facility to its destination.

MAILING TUBES (3″x26″) $1.65
3″ END CAPS $0.16

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Mailing Tube (3"x26"), 3" End Caps