Corrugated Sheets

Evenly distribute weight on pallets with Alta-Pak’s corrugated sheets in multiple sizes and weights.

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Our corrugated sheets are handy for a variety of uses, but most commonly, they act as layering pads on pallets to disperse weight. Pads also help keep products free of dust while in storage and prevent forklift and strapping damage during shipment.

In addition to their palletizing benefits, corrugated sheets work great for cost-effectively stiffening envelopes.

Corrugated sheets are sold:

  • 40” x 48”, 1/8” thick, 200 lb. test
  • 48” x 96”, 1/8” thick, 200 lb. test
  • 66” x 88”, 1/4” thick, 48 ECT

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40” x 48", 48" x 96", 66" x 88"