Specialty Moving and Shipping Boxes

Sometimes a standard cube or rectangular box isn’t quite right. That’s why we also offer specialized wholesale boxes designed for uniquely sized and shaped items.



Our speciality corrugated boxes are sized for a variety of commonly packed items that don’t comfortably fit in standard boxes. Uniquely shaped products create voids within a standard box, making items prone to damage unless an excessive amount of loose fill is used. Our specialty boxes prevent unusable space and allow for the delivery to sit firm and safe, all while saving you money on filler. 

Whether you’re moving or shipping items, we have the right solutions to ensure smooth transport. Choose from several sizes and strengths of:

  • Picture boxes
  • Guitar boxes
  • Tuck-top boxes

Additional information

Box Type

Tuck Tops – Die Cut (50 ct.), Picture Boxes (5 ct.), Guitar Box (1 ct.)