Stock Up and Save! Alta-Pak Shipping Materials in Bulk Prepare You for the Coming Season

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Order Bulk Bubble Mailers, Wholesale Boxes, Heavy-Duty Shipping Tape, and More

An ample amount of packaging materials is essential to running a smooth shipping operation. A team that doesn’t have enough supplies will continually be plagued with interruptions, affecting not only their productivity, but also the business’s profit. This is especially true in high-volume shipping operations and seasons.

Items ordered in smaller quantities also generally cost more, because it’s less economical for retailers. By buying shipping materials in bulk, you can keep your operation on track and expenses in check.

Alta-Pak offers special discounts for bulk shipping materials, because we want to help set you up for success all year. We have thousands of products in-stock at all times, so you can get the items you need exactly when you need them.

Keep reading to learn more about why ordering our shipping materials in bulk is a good idea ahead of the busiest season of the year.

When to Consider Bulk Shipping Materials

It’s important to note that bulk shipping materials aren’t for everyone. If you’re just getting started in the industry and aren’t sending out hundreds of packages consistently, it’s probably not in your best interest to take advantage of bulk pricing. Not to mention, you may not have the space to store a large amount of supplies.

However, buying shipping materials in bulk is financially and operationally smart in many cases. Here are a few reasons to consider it:

  • You run out of stock quickly: If your stock of supplies seems to dwindle faster than you can shop for new materials, it’s time to start upping your order quantity. Bulk purchases allow you to save money and time, so you can look forward to one less thing on your to-do list.
  • You’re shipping new products: If you’ve recently started selling or distributing new products, you may want to invest in bulk shipping materials. Stocking up on supplies ensures you have the means necessary to meet customer demand.
  • You’re looking to reduce costs: It’s safe to say you know your business pretty well. You’re familiar with the packaging supplies you use the most. Buying these shipping materials in bulk gives you the opportunity to purchase items at a lower cost per unit, resulting in significant savings and an overall better bottom line.

Bulk Shipping Materials Available at Alta-Pak

All Alta-Pak products can be ordered in large quantities. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for wholesale boxes, heavy-duty shipping tape, or bubble mailers in bulk, we have the inventory to satisfy your size and amount requirements.

Since our business began in 1982, we’ve remained committed to providing a comprehensive selection of packaging supplies to customers throughout Kansas City and the larger Midwest region. By fulfilling bulk orders, we take that promise a step further and ensure the businesses we serve have everything they need to thrive.

Check out some of the bulk shipping materials you’ll have access to when you shop with Alta-Pak:

  • Packing supplies like flowable loose fill, bubble wrap, foam rolls, and more
  • Wholesale boxes in standard and custom sizes
  • Acrylic, hot melt, nylon filament, and gum heavy-duty shipping tape
  • Mail and ship products including bubble mailers, poly mailers, and packing list envelopes
  • Paper materials like kraft paper rolls, newsprint paper, mailing tubes, and more
  • Poly bags, reclosable zipper bags, and bubble bags
  • Steel and poly strapping, plus buckles and seals
  • Stretch film wrap and tape
  • Janitorial supplies including trash liners, floor sweep, and a variety of hygienic paper products

Custom Bulk Shipping Materials

Our products are not only available in bulk, but they’re also fully customizable. Want our wholesale boxes with unique dimensions? No problem! Interested in branding our heavy-duty shipping tape to help your packages stand out? We can help with that too. Our design team listens carefully to understand your needs, so we can make your packaging vision a reality.

Pricing for custom bulk shipping materials varies widely depending on your size and branding specifications. It’s best to reach out to us directly to discuss your goals, and we’ll determine an exact quote.

Start Saving Today by Buying Shipping Materials in Bulk

You choose how to shop for our bulk shipping materials. We accept orders on our website, over the phone, via email, or in-person at our warehouse in Kansas City. We aim to make your experience as easy and convenient as possible. Whatever your preference, we’re excited to serve you!

Most orders are fulfilled within one business day and can be picked up, delivered, or shipped anywhere in the United States. Keep in mind that if you opt for shipping, standard mailing times apply.

Ready to place your order? Browse our products online, or call us now at (816) 453-7204.