Why Alta-Pak Is Your One-Stop Shop for Packaging Solutions

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Shop Packaging Materials, Moving Boxes, and More in Kansas City and Beyond

When you’re searching for shipping and moving boxes near you, the last thing you want to do is run all around the city to find supplies. You should be able to shop for all the items you’re looking for in one place.

That’s our philosophy at Alta-Pak. We’re dedicated to offering a comprehensive selection of packaging solutions. We have thousands of professional-grade products in stock at our 30,000-square-foot facility, including boxes, mailers, packaging, tape, and even janitorial supplies. Serving Kansas City and the larger Midwest region, we care about getting you the materials you need, when you need them.

We appreciate every customer, and there’s no such thing as an order too small! You can look forward to friendly service and fair pricing every time you place an order with us.

Keep reading to learn more about our products and why you should make Alta-Pak your one-stop shop for packaging solutions.

High-Quality Packaging Solutions for Shipping, Moving, and Storage

Whether you’re an online retailer wanting to take your shipping operation to the next level or a homeowner planning a move, we have you covered with quality, affordable packaging solutions. Check out our product categories below and what’s included in each.

  • Packaging: Packages can certainly take a beating, so it’s essential you use the right packaging solutions to keep contents protected. Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, foam wrap, and air pouches add a necessary layer of cushioning to ensure your items make it safely from point A to point B. We also carry gel packs, which stay colder than traditional ice packs and allow you to ship perishable goods worry-free.
  • Boxes: A box is your package’s first line of defense against outside elements like weather and improper handling. You need something durable that can hold up while in transit. Our shipping and moving boxes near you are constructed from virgin corrugated fiberboard, meaning they’re extra strong and won’t give way under weight or poor conditions. We have over-run and misprinted boxes available at discounted rates as well.

    If your needs go beyond our inventory, consider requesting a quote for our custom boxes. We can tailor our products to feature your branding and fit your specific dimensions for a truly one-of-a-kind packaging solution.

  • Tape Products: A strong box is important, but it’s nothing without the best packing tape. A heavy-duty tape ensures your packages stay closed and won’t be tampered with during the transportation process. Our tape products include acrylic tape, hot melt tape, nylon filament tape, and gum tape, and they can be used with our packing tape dispensers for a clean and secure seal each and every time.
  • Mail & Ship Products: There’s so much more to packaging solutions than boxes. Our bubble and poly mailers are ideal choices for e-commerce shippers. Because they’re so lightweight, mailing smaller items is easy and economical. We also offer packing list envelopes, which allow you to forgo address labels and adhere shipping documents to the outside of a package for quick identification.
  • Paper Products: Paper is one of the most versatile packaging solutions. Kraft and newsprint paper are great materials for wrapping items and filling voids, while chipboard sheets are a no-brainer for separating palletized items and boxed contents. In addition to these products, we carry several other paper supplies, like single-faced corrugated rolls, mailing tubes, and edge protectors.
  • Bags: When you shop at Alta-Pak, you’ll have access to a variety of plastic bags designed to protect any unpackaged goods inside a box or mailing envelope. When you use our poly bags, reclosable zipper bags, and bubble bags, it’s never been easier to keep items contained and organized during shipment.
  • Strapping: If you regularly ship large pallets or oversized loads, there’s a good chance you could benefit from steel or poly strapping. Strapping is applied in horizontal or vertical bands and tightened to bundle items together and add reinforcement. We also offer strapping seals and buckles, so you can get all the necessary packaging solutions to properly stabilize shipments.
  • Stretch Wrap: Stretch film gets its name thanks to its high level of elasticity and wraps around boxes and other palletized packages to keep items from shifting while in transit. It’s also quick to remove and dispose of, making your recipient’s unloading process that much simpler. We have stretch wrap in a range of sizes and gauges, providing you with multiple packaging solutions to suit your shipping needs.
  • Janitorial Supplies: We go beyond packaging solutions and also carry janitorial supplies for your convenience. Our floor sweep, oil dry, and trash liners allow for fast clean-up of warehouse messes. For your office areas, we have high-quality facial tissue, toilet tissue, paper towels, and styrofoam cups available at wholesale cost and quantities.

Although there’s no minimum order quantity, you can save even more when you shop our products in bulk. By taking advantage of our special pricing for large orders, you’ll always have the inventory you need, while saving on your bottom line. That’s a double win, if you ask us!

Shop Our Packaging Solutions Online Today

Whatever packaging solutions you’re on the hunt for, our team is ready to help. With more than four decades in the industry, we can even make material recommendations if you’re not sure where to start or what will work best for your needs.

When you place an order with Alta-Pak, you also have the freedom to choose how you receive it. It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering shipping and moving boxes in Kansas City, Springfield, or Omaha, you won’t have to wait long for your items. You can pick up supplies at our warehouse location or have them delivered directly to your door within one business day by a truck from our private fleet. This is all part of our commitment to making it easy for you to get the packaging solutions you require.

Ready to shop? Browse products on our website and start an order today. Or give us a call at (816) 453-7204 to request a quote.